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  • Joe M. AvatarJoe M.

    - 3/03/2018 

    Susan E. AvatarSusan E.

    Ryan helped us set up and establish our 90 gallon in our living room. His knowlegde was extensive and... read more - 9/25/2017 

    Joe G. AvatarJoe G.

    Phenomenal and knowledgeable! Very professional and I would recommend to anyone in need of aquarium or pond services!! - 5/24/2017 

    Paula Z. AvatarPaula Z.

    positive review  Ryan and Jenny are great to work with . The Fish and coral are top quality . - 5/10/2019 

  • Jose G. AvatarJose G.

    Ryan is a down to earth guy that really cares about what he does. If you're new to aquariums and... read more - 4/14/2017 

    Steven N. AvatarSteven N.

    I had a few questions about fish and saltwater tanks. Ryan explained everything to me in laymans terms and made... read more - 5/25/2017 

    Nick G. AvatarNick G.

    positive review  I am phenomenally wowed at the care and quality provided by Island Fish & Scale. I am SO glad to... read more - 5/04/2019 

    James B. AvatarJames B.

    Great people, really love their fish! Having worked alongside Ryan on a number of projects, it's clear that he cares... read more - 10/26/2017 

  • Tom S. AvatarTom S.

    Ryan does An amazing job at taking care of his fish and getting everyone the best quality fish he can... read more - 7/09/2018 

    Andy C. AvatarAndy C.

    Ryan is hands down the most knowledgeable and friendly guy i have ever worked with. Continues to answer my calls... read more - 5/25/2017 

    Robert S. AvatarRobert S.

    Ryan is super knowledgeable and a great guy. I've enjoyed our technical conversations though the years. - 5/25/2017 

    David L. AvatarDavid L.

    Ryan knows his stuff and I am highly recommending him to anyone who wants not only service but someone that... read more - 5/31/2017 

  • Joe V. AvatarJoe V.

    - 5/25/2017 

    Alina M. AvatarAlina M.

    Very knowledgeable, honest, friendly and always professional. Has been taken care of our reef fishtanks for many years. VERY,... read more - 7/17/2017 

    Kelvin F. AvatarKelvin F.

    - 5/25/2017 

    Harris O. AvatarHarris O.

    Hands down best lfs.
    Ryan has you covered on dry goods and quarantined fish.

    Anything you need just shoot ifas...
    read more - 9/12/2018 

  • Paul P. AvatarPaul P.

    Ryan has a fantastic crew and fish. - 10/21/2018 

    James R. AvatarJames R.

    positive review  Highly recommended, very knowledgeable and only want the best for their clients. This low key business is about all about... read more - 9/18/2018 

    Ryan C. AvatarRyan C.

    Ryan and his crew are second to none when it comes to service and quality of fish he stocks. He’s... read more - 8/04/2018 

    Guillermo R. AvatarGuillermo R.

    A great store run by aquarists who understand the hobby. Their prices are great and the animals are top notch.... read more - 6/06/2018